Welcome to The Explorer Experience

The concept of the Explorer Experience is not new. It is a beginning; a birth that will learn and grow, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. This birth must redefine business and government for the world to be successful. Each facet of business and government has its part to do; one no more important than the other nor any less, making a difference only as a team.

Can the world change, if everyone chooses to participate? Yes.

When participation is nurtured, it is like a plant that starts small. If nurtured in such a way that not only helps the flower but the entire plant, it can become beautiful and blossom.

Here at Explorer the combination of business and humanity and government is the highest priority to create a win-win environment. As our company president often reminds us, “Win-win is not always the easiest to accomplish, but it is always the best.” Every problem has many sides and it is important to try to look at each one, thus ensuring not to make a bigger problem than the one you are trying to fix.

With a philosophy of learning and growing, the Explorer Experience will make the planet a better place for all. Here are some things important to Explorer:

  1. Decent living wages
  2. Transparency
  3. Accountability
  4. Caring for business and employees
  5. Caring for others – humanity
  6. Encouraging individuals by helping them learn and grow
  7. Education and inspiration
  8. Caring for the environment
  9. Feeding those who are in need
  10. Using more sustainable energies instead of fossil fuels
  11. Taking care of the water of the earth
  12. Cleaning up our living spaces inside and out

These are just a few of the most important things; there are many more. Let’s not talk about it, let’s get involved and do it. It is easy to throw rocks when everyone else is doing so. We can make a difference to the people of the world and show them the differences people like these have made:

Mahatma Gandhi, John F Kennedy, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Stephen R. Covey, Elon Musk, Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Margaret Thatcher, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Diana Princess of Wales, President Jimmy Carter, Martin Luther King, Jr., Preston Tucker, Pope Francis, and many others!

These are a few individuals we could look to for inspiration in our lives. Today we are so bombarded with distractions that we do not take the time to look up and choose to make a difference. It’s time to make a choice.


Explorer Alive is the umbrella organization for all “Explorer” companies and projects.

EXPLORER ALIVE is the research and development company for those who have been inspired with good ideas. As a center for innovation, we take ideas from concept to implementation. At Explorer we endeavor, through our projects, to support those in the pursuit of scientific and technological advances that benefit humankind. It is our belief that we are all connected, and we strive to improve the way business is done with a focus on helping others without harming the planet. The purpose of Explorer Alive is to create a business that emphasizes taking care of one another.

Every Explorer project will meet our Four Good Promise. Good for Humanity. Good for the Environment. Good for our Employees. Good for Business.

Explorer AliveTM is the parent company of these 6 companies:

  1. Explorer OneTM
  2. Explorer EdenTM
  3. Explorer Nourish
  4. Explorer RecycleTM
  5. Explorer SparkTM
  6. Explorer H20TM

Explorer companies encourage all employees to create and innovate to keep the Explorer Experience alive and flourishing. We believe real change to the human condition takes collaboration between government and business. By working together, we can create harmony and success.

We know that paying our employees a wage that will easily enable them to take care of themselves and their families establishes a work environment they want to go to and instills joy and a feeling of fulfillment in their accomplishments. When employees are well taken care of, their inner light starts to glow and they become energized. That creates an atmosphere of ingenuity and creativity to empower advancements.

Another example of how we will create harmony comes through the company Explorer Eden. This company will have protocols and discipline to better the environment of schools so all can be well-educated at a reasonable fee. They will have the freedom to welcome education that awaits them. This allows them to be creative and pursue a fruitful career. Students will learn and grow in such a way that they will be a living example of the golden rule – do unto others as you would have done to you.
Leading the way requires a champion for the ideas above to succeed. We could just shrug our shoulders and walk away, but we know anything worth it takes effort. We choose to make the effort; we have a plan and now we invite you to join us.

So just how will we do this? Through our companies.

We’ll begin with Explorer One LLC, a mining operation in the Bering Sea. We have a patent pending on a dredging system that allows us to sift through the terrain of the sea without disrupting the earth. Explorer One will be the main source of revenue to get things started and to maintain the funding for the remaining subsidiary companies of EXPLORER ALIVE. We anticipate several non-profit projects will also be funded by Explorer One.

If you choose to be part of the Explorer Experience, there are many ways. One way is by investing. Other ways include mentoring or future employment.

Each person has a choice to make for themselves, if your choice is to join the Explorer Experience, let’s make time to meet and go over the specifics on how we can start to make a difference. Please meet our team.

Explorer One Founder, Operations and R&D – William Hindman
President & CEO – Diane M. Shook
Vice President / Business Services – Cynthia Stoneman
Chief Financial Officer – Chelsie Griefenberg
Polar Explorer Geologist Glaciologist – William Long, PhD CPG
Project Management – Connor Tucker
Sales Management – Steven Irvin
Management Advisor – Robert E. Shook
Engineering Advisor – Steve Berol
Technical and Spiritual Advisor – Dan McLaran
Marketing and Communications – Emilie Malone
Dredge Managers – Donald W. Adams / Jeffrey Lee Hines

Please contact William Hindman for more information at kwilliamhindman@gmail.com or call 602-722-3697.